Become a reseller
Sell with your own web-to-print shop and use the experience and productivity of one of the most successful Internet print shops in Europe. With a broad and permanently changing range of products and services, low prices, fast delivery times, high quality and personal 24/7 service, you'll be able to gain direct market access to 100 billion € worth of sales worldwide without investing anything yourself – easily, for free, and instantly !
It's this easy:
Step 1
Create shop
Use our kit system to easily create your own web-to-print shop and set your own prices.
Step 2
You'll earn money for every product sold. Instantly, without any of your own investments or ongoing costs.
Step 3
Receive payments
We'll take charge of the entire production, shipment and payment process, and will automatically transfer your proceeds to you.
Your advantages
  • -   Market access to over 100 billion € in sales internationally
  • -   No setup costs, fees or mininum duration
  • -   No additional investments in infrastructure, hardware or software
  • -   No special knowlede of WtP, logistics or payment methods required
  • -   Free use of our globally established WtP expertise
  • -   Instant availablity of your own extensive portfolio expansion
  • -   Competitive advantages through the use of WtP automation
  • -   Additional growth potential through new products and markets
  • -   Permanent product development with constantly new services/features
  • -   Continously free software updates and usability improvements
  • -   Extensive reporting software (MIS) with real-time shop information
  • -   All obligations under competiton and fiscal law guaranteed
  • -   International 24/7 free support for partner shops and their customers
  • -   Full processing with the end customer in the partner shop's design
  • -   Professional data and customer protection guaranteed
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