Specially developed by printers for the requirements of printers, our Unitedprint brand Infowerk Materials offers print shops throughout Europe high-quality graphic paper and first-class printing plates at purchase prices that are up to 50% below current market conditions.

With an unlimited satisfaction guarantee and an uncomplicated right of return at any time without giving reasons, Infowerk Materials enables print shops throughout Europe to produce significantly more profitably and competitively.

Holm Winkler, board member of Unitedprint.com SE: “Infowerk Materials is our answer to the constantly increasing challenges of the printing industry – namely the attractive and contemporary alternative for high-quality, noticeably more cost-effective and absolutely reliable materials purchasing directly from printers for printers.”


Only a few paper and printing plate manufacturers/dealers have dominated the European printing industry’s materials market for years, proactively sealing themselves off from international competition through customs duties, constantly increasing their sales prices as a result and thus making record profits at the expense of print shops. At the same time, print shops often have to fight for their existence due to constantly increasing market pressure – especially in relation to digital media. This one-sided dependence on just a few market-dominating material manufacturers and distributors jeopardizes the profitability of tens of thousands of print shops and poses a massive threat to their existence.


Infowerk Materials. As an independent European innovator and market leader in online printing, we have known the special requirements and challenges of print shops for decades and, with Infowerk Materials, we now offer the alternative of freeing yourself from dependence on just a few paper and printing plate manufacturers/dealers.

Guaranteed quality

All Infowerk Materials papers are PEFC-certified and – like our printing plates – guarantee the highest quality standards and uninterrupted production.

Your purchasing benefits

• Collegial and fair from printers for printers.
• Up to 50% below current market prices.
• For digital, offset and roll printers.
• 100% PEFC-certified papers.
• Conventional and process-free plates.
• Individual formats and quantities.
• Samples available and material tests possible.
• 100% insured, 0% risk.

Request free material samples at any time and arrange completely non-binding material tests. Reduce your costs now and improve your competitiveness.