Easyprint.com becomes Infowerk.com

December 28, 2023

A new name for a new era of visual communication

Easyprint.com, the trusted destination for print products and visual communication, has exciting news to announce today. The website will now operate under the new name Infowerk.com. This rebranding marks an important step in the development of the platform and reflects its expanded range of services.

The previous name Easyprint was a reference to the print products and their simple editor-based design by users, but could no longer represent the full range of possibilities and innovations that the platform offers today. In future, Infowerk.com will not only stand for a printing platform, but for a central point of contact for the entire world of visual communication. The vision for Infowerk.com is to offer users a wide range of services and digital options that go far beyond print products. Current functions already include:


  • Digital products such as invitations or social media posts
  • 2D and 3D animations for numerous haptic products
  • AI-supported bot for questions about services and products

But this is just the beginning. In the coming months, Infowerk.com will be introducing more exciting innovations, including:


  • Augmented reality to visualise haptic products before ordering
  • AI-based design tools as creative design assistants
  • Video-based products as an extension of the digital portfolio

The CEO of Unitedprint.com SE, Fabian Frenzel, commented on the rebranding as follows: “With Infowerk.com, we want to offer our customers a platform that covers the entire spectrum of visual communication. Our aim is to provide our users with the tools and technologies they need to convey their messages in a creative and effective way.”

The platform is looking forward to standing by its users in this new era of visual communication and welcoming them to the updated website. Have fun with Infowerk – creative visual communication!


Unitedprint.com SE is an innovative and globally operating European e-commerce technology company in the fields of design, marketing, print and publishing. As one of the world’s leading companies for visual communication, Unitedprint.com SEglobal employs around 300 people and operates the online portals Infowerk, print24 and the partner programme USS (Unitedprint Shop Services) at over 30 locations worldwide. In addition to online mass customisation services, Unitedprint.com SE offers its customers modern digital products as well as professional services and print products in the fields of photography, interiors, gastronomy/hotels, textiles, large-format printing, events, advertising media, advertising technology and much more.

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