15. January 2024


Unitedprint has driven forward its efforts to further optimise customer service. The company is pleased to announce that it has successfully integrated AI assistants based on ChatGPT-4 into its two portals, and This ground-breaking integration enables users to access information, manage orders and submit support requests even faster and more efficiently.

Unitedprint’s AI assistants offer users the opportunity to ask a wide range of questions in 23 languages relating to products, the ordering process and many other specialised topics. For example, users can call up information on the various printing and processing options or delivery times. In addition, they can manage their orders directly via the AI assistants, including status queries, changes to delivery addresses and much more.

The integration of ChatGPT-4-based AI assistants offers print24 and Infowerk customers numerous advantages:


  • 24/7 availability: Customers receive quick and specific answers to their technical questions around the clock, without having to rely on support times.
  • Self-organisation: The AI assistants enable users to complete many tasks independently and without support staff, which reduces waiting times.
  • Personalised service: AI assistants are able to respond to the specific needs and requirements of each customer by accessing their individual customer history.

Claudia Wolf, Director Sales at SE, expressed her enthusiasm about the introduction of the AI assistants:The integration of ChatGPT-4-based AI assistants into our portals is another step in our mission to increase customer satisfaction and provide our customers with a first-class experience. We are proud to offer our customers innovative and contemporary solutions that make their interactions with us even smoother – in 23 languages.”

In recent years, SE has invested considerable resources in the innovative reorganisation and technical leadership of its portals. In addition to the technical relaunches and rebranding of Infowerk, continuous investment has been made in editor technologies, including the introduction of 2D and 3D product visualisations, QR code generators and photo libraries.

The further focus is now clearly on the integration of artificial intelligence into the online platforms. The introduction of AI assistants is just the first step. AI-based tools are being developed that enable text and image generation for design creation. The development of complete design generation tools is also being planned. SE is an innovative and globally operating European e-commerce technology company in the fields of design, marketing, print and publishing. As one of the world’s leading companies for visual communication, SE employs around 300 people worldwide and operates the online portals Infowerk, print24 and the partner programme USS (Unitedprint Shop Services) at over 30 locations worldwide. In addition to online mass customisation services, SE offers its customers modern digital products as well as professional services and print products in the fields of photography, interiors, gastronomy/hotels, textiles, large-format printing, events, advertising media, advertising technology and much more.